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Lilias Folan

Named one of Yoga Journals 4 most influential figures in American Yoga.

In 1998, Goswami Kriyananda bestowed her the title Swami Kavitananda (“one who knows bliss through energy”).
Named as a Yoga Journal “Top 25” Yoga Teacher in America.

The First Lady of Yoga, the Julia Child of Yoga, Lilias Folan has been called many things since she became a household name through her TV show on PBS in 1972.

Recognized as the “First Lady of Yoga” since her ground breaking 1972 PBS television series, Lilias! Yoga and You, Lilias Folan is regarded as one of America’s most knowledgeable and beloved Master Yoga teachers. Steeped in many different yoga traditions, in recent years Lilias relies strongly on her own personal experience and intuition to influence her teaching.

She has spent over forty years inspiring students and teachers throughout the USA, Canada and Europe with the benefits of yoga to body, mind and spirit.

Folan’s audience includes housewives, athletes, executives, seniors, Olympians, artists, members of Congress and a former President of the US. Lilias recently took part in the prestigious New York Times Speaker Series and was featured in Fit Yoga Magazine and Yoga + Joyful Living Magazine.

In her highly acclaimed third book, Yoga Gets Better with Age (Rodale), Lilias turns her attention to a demographic that has yet been addressed, her own! At 70 plus, she’s living proof that yoga is a continually changing, growing, deepening practice, that can be learned with ease at mid-life and beyond.

Cincinnati's "Hidden Jewel In The Crown"

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